Saturday, October 02, 2004

Writing update

And I bet you were thinking that I had given up altogether on the Lying Art. Not by a longshot! Although I've only been pecking away on Friday evenings so far this term, I'm happy to report that Chapter 13 of "Confessions" is finished and I'm just about a hundred words away from 78,000 words. It is sobering to think that I've only managed about 30k in a whole year (I celebrated the fifty-thousand mark last September), but I did get another two short stories in during that stretch. I was afraid that going back to school would take a chunk out of my captive writing time, and so it has come to pass. My only consolation is that whenever I do get that rare train ride home when I'm not saddled with an article or few more chapters to read, I write like a man possessed. So the spark is still there.

I want to finish "Confessions" in the worst way right now...

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