Monday, December 27, 2004

Vaguely unsettled

Mercifully, the Fall semester has finally ended. Although I'm happy that I now have an entire month to catch up on my sleep, do some recreational reading and writing, and even eat the occasional home-cooked meal (and moreover to cook the occasional home-cooked meal!), the fact that I'm still waiting to hear back on my final paper for my Historical Methods seminar has me feeling unfinished and somewhat paranoid, even though I ended up turning in a 30-page monster after weeks of research and a night or two of writing. Hopefully I'll hear back from my professor soon, so I can stop with what I'm sure is a whole lot of unnecessary obsessing...

Unless, of course, the paper was a steaming load of crap. In which case some paranoia is perhaps called for!

Update: Consider me paranoid no more - my professor was merely taking her time in getting to her graduate students' papers. At last I can relax.

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