Saturday, January 08, 2005


The snow is falling in heavy wet clods right now, covering Harvard Yard and adjacent Mass Ave in a few inches of slippery slush that will freeze into a teflon sheet of ice when the sun goes down in an hour or two. Lovely. I can't wait for my drive back to the North Shore!

Speaking of heavy wet clods, my brain is feeling thick and chunky today, as I'm trying to ratchet down my caffeine intake during the lull between semesters. I crossed a line of sorts last week when I realized that I was downing close to a gallon of coffee at home in the morning for no good reason whatsoever other than to give myself the shakes.

Now a mug of coffee on the Sunday after Christmas and New Year's with a generous shot of Greek brandy (Kappy's was selling Metaxa nips for a buck - how can I say no when they're priced to move and arranged like impulse-buy candy at a grocery store along with the seasoned nuts and kickass fudge?) is understandable, but chugging it down like it's still the last week of classes is just plain stupid.

So I'm trying to restrict myself to my morning iced coffee and nothing else, no matter how bad the withdrawal headaches rattle my skull. Ugh. It's only two-thirty in the afternoon and already my temples are throbbing...

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