Sunday, January 09, 2005

Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon

Today at the Circ Desk is even better than yesterday - whereas yesterday morning I wasn't quite prepared for the ocean of free time I'd have at my disposal once again now that my semester is over, this afternoon I'm positively soaking in it.

Staring off into space for minutes on end is fun.

I've positioned myself today at the desk's leftmost workstation, the one closest to the Stacks entrance. You'd imagine that I'd ipso facto get the most circulation traffic, but strange to say it rarely works that way. People are so conditioned to queue up in the center of the room that even when there's no one at the Circ Desk they'll dutifully walk right past me and navigate the empty channel of poles and tensile barriers in order to check out their books. On occasion I'll make eye contact or hail patrons coming out of the Stacks (which tends to surprise the hell out of them), but as quite often they're not checking out books, I often get an annoyed look in return which makes me feel like a greeter at Wal*Mart.

No wonder our student workers love the point position. Theoretically speaking you could write your entire thesis at this desk...

Gross but true story: some dude just blasted me with a drive-by fart. He was leaving the Stacks at a fairly brisk clip, and as the wake of his passage hit me I realized why. Damn, what did he eat this morning?

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