Sunday, January 23, 2005

Two passings

Today we lost a great entertainer on the national scene and a first-rate political columnist locally. Longtime "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson passed away today in his Malibu home at age 79, a victim of emphysema. Though he retired back in 1992, I still have fond memories of seeing him on television every night - my dad was just reminding me on the phone today that he used to let me stay up late and watch the "Tonight Show" with him when I was way too young to be awake so late. No wonder I'm a chronic insomniac! Thanks, Dad... and Johnny.

Closer to home but no less dear, the Boston Globe's David Nyhan died after collapsing while shoveling snow this morning. Nyhan made a reputation for himself as a hardnosed liberal journalist with a style that was as clear as it was passionate. Although he wore his progressive populism on his sleeve, Nyhan didn't shy from attacking even the most sacred of Democratic cows, such as Senator Edward Kennedy. "A Nyhan column over breakfast was a perfect way to start the day, even if it caused a little sudden indigestion," read a statement from Kennedy's office issued upon hearing of the columnist's death.

Both David and Johnny will be sorely missed.

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