Thursday, January 20, 2005

Want to hear the good news first?

In a story worthy of The Twilight Zone, Steven Manganello, a Maine resident and diehard Sox fan who fell into a coma in October after being struck by a taxicab recently regained consciousness to learn that Boston had actually gone and 'Reversed The Curse' while he was out cold.

And he's mad as hell about it.

"Hey, the guy watched every Sox game he could his whole life," [his brother] Anthony explains. "When they won the Series, back home we were buying shots, bottles of champagne, it was crazy. He shoulda been there. It isn't fair."

Me, I'd be happy just to be out of the coma, but then again I wasn't born in Boston. Perhaps the best expression of the mania that grips this region when it comes to our beloved sports teams could be found on Fark, where one (clearly Bostonian) reader commented in reaction to the ESPN article:

"If he were a real Sox fan, he'd feel like he should get hit by a car every year."


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