Sunday, February 06, 2005

Careful what you wish for

You might not get it at all. My weekend chill time here at the Circ Desk was pre-empted by some data entry for the 9-to-5 folks, so instead of blogging, emailing friends, and browsing the internets I got to delete phantom circulation records that have been kicking around for the past six months or so - a kind of digital exorcism which returned the items to their proper, not-checked-out state so as not to confuse the patrons and/or keep them from ordering the items (which were all in our Depository out in fabulous Southborough, Mass.).

Meaningful drudge-work, yes, but drudgery nonetheless. Imagine my surprise and delight therefor when expecting to have to work my way through a list of 1600 ghost records at the rate of about 300-400 an hour I instead discovered that my list was only about a thousand items long! So I guess there will be some chill time - albeit truncated - after all this evening. At the very least I won't have to switch between cutting and pasting from an Excel spreadsheet to the Circ module and watching the NFL Super Bowl gamecast...

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