Saturday, February 12, 2005

Say what?

In a feat of logical jujitsu worthy of The Matrix, the right-leaning blogosphere has decided to peddle the line that liberals are now in league with the Islamofacists, just as they were with the Communists in days of old. Never mind that every single thing liberalism stands for, fundamentalist Islam (and let's face it, fundamentalist anything) opposes. We're the free speech crowd. We're the ones for gay marriage. We're the ones who support a woman's right to choose - not just whether or not to have a baby, but to choose anything for herself, without being terrorized by her husband or family. We're the camp who thinks Darwin hit the nail on the head about the origins of species. We're the people who believe religion and politics should never be allowed to mix. And now somehow we're on the side of the terrorists because we dare to criticize American foreign policy?

Aside from sharing in the outrage with my fellow Lefties at something which is just patently false, I'd also like to point out that before the invasion of Iraq we liberals were supposed to be supporters of Saddam, or "Saddamites" as we were oh-so-cleverly dubbed by belligerent drunks like Christopher Hitchens. So which is it - are we objectively pro-Baathist or pro-Islamofascist? Because it can't be both... unless you're a Republican, in which case helping make Saddam Hussein the monster he was and actively courting Islamic fundamentalists are simply par for the course in their never-ending Quest for Power™, where no principle is so sacred that it can't be thrown under a bus at a moment's notice (e.g. States' Rights and the 2000 Presidential Election).

Jeez - talk about your classic case of projection! Guilty conscience finally catching up with you warmongers on the Right?

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