Saturday, March 12, 2005

Requiem for a laptop

Well, my trusty laptop has gone and died on me again for what may in fact be the very last time. After about a month of enduring a wiggly power cord and intermittent electrical current flowing to the old warhorse's batteries I realized that the problem lay not in the adapter (which I had only just bought late last year) but the AC input on the computer itself, the prong of which had gradually been weakening over three years of use until no juice whatsoever was making it into the bowels of the machine. Would that this had gone four months ago when the laptop was still covered by its extended warranty - now not only will I have to have it shipped off to who knows where for however long to be fixed, but I'll have to do so on my dime. And I'm betting this sort of repair isn't exactly cheap.

So that sucks. The good news is that my writing is unaffected by the outage, as I continue to do that on my PDA (I just had better remember to BACK MY DATA UP onto the removable memory card before I hunt and peck so much as one more word, lest I lose even more data than last time should tragedy strike); moreover we may be able to get our old and much more reliable desktop back from my in-laws, who may be visiting next weekend. But it just feels wrong not to be connected at the home office. I guess I'll have more time to chip away at the old recreational reading book pile, if nothing else...

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