Saturday, April 09, 2005

"I'm Matthew Yglesias, bitch!"

The power finally goes to Big Media Matt's head:

Went to the 9:30 Club last night with other members of the DC media elite and the dude at the door in charge of checking IDs and giving people handstamps recognized my name from the driver's license and said he was going to be an intern at the Prospect this summer. "Great," says I. Then he stamps me with the under-21 stamp, apologizes for his error, and suggests I'd better wash it off and come back to get a new one. "You're not making a very good first impression," I remarked. In retrospect, that's a kind of mean thing to say. I forget, at times, that to those who don't know me it's not always clear that comments of that nature are jokes and I'm not, in fact, a huge asshole. If something like that had happened to me back in my nervous/ambitious intern days I'd spend an unfortunately large proportion of a lovely spring worrying. So if you're out there reading, sorry.

No word on whether Mr. Yglesias also soiled Hand Stamp Guy's couch with his muddy boots...

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