Sunday, July 03, 2005

The awful truth

I've been looking forward to going back to a more regular weekend schedule here at the Circ Desk, as I found that last year the captive time spent at work proved invaluable in getting all of my homework done for the two classes I was taking at Simmons. This time around, however, there doesn't seem to be the same amount of work for me to do--not on a week-by-week basis, that is. While it's true that I'll have a final project due for each of the courses I'm taking this summer, neither of them are even term papers, so the pressure to make use of my dead time just isn't there yet. The reality of an intensive program is that 90% of the work is just dragging your carcass in for all of those hours and trying not to fall asleep. This isn't to knock the professors and guest lecturers I've had for this term, all of whom have actually been quite good. But there's only so much one can do in a 6-week program that attendance becomes much more critical than it is during the normal, uncompacted fall and spring semesters.

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