Monday, April 10, 2006

Or maybe just "fever"

Definitely feeling the funk today. I've been battling a head cold for the better part of a week, which now seems to have transmogrified itself into an all-over malady. Add that to an unexpected solo stint on the desk (work-study has a paper due) and a bevy of book paging requests from the Stacks -- every hour, on the hour thus far this morning -- and I'm going to be toast by the time any relief gets here at 2.


I guess the only silver lining to my predicament is that since through want of any morning desk coverage I'm obliged to work through lunch, I can leave an hour early with a clear conscience. Although I was supposed to do an Information Session for prospective library school students this evening, I'll be lucky if I just get through the work-day, and the last thing my alma mater needs is a semicoherent lunatic trying to sing its praises while popping Sudafed and trying not to fall on his ass.

Did I say "yug"? Because I mean it.

(Oh yay, almost time for the next book page...)

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