Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Writing update

At long last, I have begun the editing process on Confessions! Chapter One is in the bag, and while I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that the other twenty are all going to go as quietly as the first one did, it was a real shot in the arm to see that the task of editing this book is by no means an impossible one.

Meanwhile, I've gotten to about five thousand words and the end of the first chapter of "Number Two". It's funny how I can already feel the novel take shape even at this early phase of writing, as ideas expand into what they were meant to be (whether I knew it beforehand or not) and walk-on characters demand plots, subplots, and dialogue all their own.

I was worried at first that getting back into a writing groove was going to be difficult, but working on Number Two has simply been a joy. It's very liberating to write without wondering whether you'll ever finish it or not -- edited or not edited, published or unpublished, Confessions will always be proof positive to me that I am capable of such things. And 5k on the word count thus far is nothing to sneeze at!

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