Monday, November 20, 2006

A pocketful of Nixons?

Don't laugh -- capitalizing on the popularity of the State quarters, the U.S. Mint has decided to try and work some similar mojo with the much-maligned dollar coin (whose current golden incarnation featuring Shoshone translator and go-between Sacagawea hasn't fared much better than the Susan B. Anthony dollar unfortunately) and issue a series commemorating past Presidents, beginning in 2007. A different President will appear on the dollar every three months, the former chief executives appearing in the order that they held the office. While the Mint has decided that only Presidents who have been dead for two years will be featured in this series, at least for now obviating the possibility of paying your bus fare with William Jefferson Clintons or a fistful of Dubyas, this does mean that we can expect Nixon and Reagan to make their appearances on our loose change in about 2016 or thereabouts.

Of course by then we'll all be using the Mark of the Beast to pay for everything anyway -- that is, those of us who are (duh duh duh!) LEFT BEHIND...

...though perhaps the Antichrist and his One World Nation will smile upon anyone who can come up with thirty pieces of Nixon to get his or her unsaved ass through the Tribulation. Hell, even a dollar commemorating Tricky Dick is better than the nightmare that is the Ohio state quarter -- gaze upon it and despair!

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notElon said...

Reagan is not getting a coin. Perhaps it's nbecause he is now alive again.