Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sawyer gets a fish biscuit

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Kate and Sawyer knocked boots on Lost, but I didn't quite expect it to happen last night, Planet of The Apes-style no less. I kept on waiting for Dr. Zaius to interrupt the two of them with a shocked gasp as they went at it in Sawyer's cage like Charlton Heston and the cute mute savage girl they locked him up with, but instead we got a fade to black and then a bonus snuggling scene that perpetual third wheel Jack caught a glimpse of on Ben/Henry Gale's supersweet control room that looks disturbingly like Elvis Presley's "T.V. Room" at Graceland (I guess the Island doesn't get the Spice Channel, although they do seem to receive Fox just fine).

Let the haters hate all they want, but I've been very pleased with this six-episode arc that kicked off Season Three, although I'm annoyed that we'll have to wait until February to get the rest. Focusing on Jack/Kate/Sawyer and the Others was just fine by me, and gave the writers time to dissect the complicated triangle of tension between the show's main characters instead of trying to shoehorn it into whoever's story it happened to be that week. I also thought it was particularly clever, almost in a meta-sense, when the logic behind abducting all three of them finally became evident: to get at Jack you need to get at Kate, and to get at Kate you need to get at Sawyer. That of course leaves poor Mr. James Ford as a punching bag twice-over, but at least he finally got something for all his trouble.

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