Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Like an 18-car pileup of awesome

Dark Horse Comics' horror editor Scott Allie on the upcoming Buffy comic (due out in March 2007):
“Of course, one of our biggest events of the year is the new launch of Buffy in March, overseen by Joss Whedon, who's writing the first, middle, and last arc. The second series, after Joss's initial four, is going to feature Faith, and it'll be written by Brian K. Vaughan. We're real jazzed about that. Brian's the most exciting your writer on the scene for me—Ex Machina's my favorite book right now, which led us to using Tony [Harris] on covers for Conan for a while. So having Brian follow Joss really cuts the pain of not having Joss write the whole thing himself. After that, Jeph Loeb will be on the book, and some writers from the show—so we're getting the best possible people to run this series. Working with Joss opens doors.”

That Joss was going to come back with what's already being dubbed in Buffy fan circles as "Season Eight" was one thing, but to have his opening arc chased by Brian K. Vaughan -- whose Ex Machina is indeed top-drawer, but so is his Y: The Last Man, Runaways, and his most recent graphic novel Pride of Baghdad -- and Jeph Loeb (yes, that Jeph Loeb, one of the creators of the hit television show Heroes!) is almost too good to be true.

For those diehard Buffy fans out there who may not know the comic world, this is a true convergence of talent that is going to make the Buffy re-launch one of the big comic events of the new year. Vaughan and Whedon are already familiar with one another's material -- the latter is about to take the helm of the former's signature Marvel title Runaways, and Loeb is a veteran of not only cult T.V. such as Heroes, Lost, and Smallville (all of which have been either directly or indirectly inspired by Buffy) but some of the most memorable comic efforts in recent history, such as Batman: The Long Halloween and Volume Three of Marvels' The Ultimates.

I'm going to have to reserve a copy of this book yesterday, from the sounds of it...

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