Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cage-fighting Ryan is not amused

Uh, oh -- FOX announced yesterday that they'll be pulling the plug on The O.C. at the end of its already short-ordered fourth season next month, citing poor ratings for the show this year (a "miserable" four million viewers, as if the crap they pull out of their ass as a midseason replacement will score so much as a fraction of that audience).

Sounds like cage-fighting Ryan needs to go down and pay a visit to the Fox Entertainment Group...

Update: Sophie Brookover at Pop Goes the Library has the definitive obit for The O.C. and its positive contributions to American pop culture over the past four years. My favorite:
Nerd cool: let's face it, protagonist Seth Cohen (as played by the adorable Adam Brody) has brought sexy (okay, maybe a tepid "appealing" would be more accurate) back to nerdiness. A master stroke for skinny Death Cab-loving boys -- and the girls who never thought they'd love them -- everywhere.

I personally credit Seth Cohen for helping me get over my embarrassment about being a thirtysomething comic book geek. These days not only do I unabashedly discuss the latest graphic novels I've called up from the Depository with my coworkers rather than attempt to extricate them from the Hold Shelf as surreptitiously as possible, but now I even have my wife hooked on the medium after introducing her via the superb Angel comics that IDW has been putting out over the past year or two.

What's more, I've been able to parlay my love for sequential art into a genuine career opportunity, as I just found out last night that my editor wants me to write a new chapter about graphic novels, anime, and manga for the next edition of Magazines for Libraries. So thanks a lot, Seth!


Sophie Brookover said...

Tom, you are too kind! I love to see my name & "definitive" in the same sentence. Hee. And congratulations on writing for MFL! I *just* gave up my Teen Mags section -- it's a great publication, and was my first major professional assignment, too. Nice coincidence, eh?

Tom said...

Thanks for dropping in, Sophie! I'm totally psyched about the MFL gig -- Cheryl Laguardia is a fantastic colleague as well as a mentor, and I just can't wait to get started.

Love your blog, btw, and great article in Library Journal. How's this for another coincidence: I grew up just a stone's throw from Voorhees, in neighboring Gloucester County. My brother teaches at Camden County College!