Monday, January 08, 2007


There's no worse way to start your week than getting to work fifteen minutes late. Just say the word "rain" during the morning commute and cars start fishtailing and SUVs go flying end over end as people who were perfectly capable of driving on dry asphalt suddenly forget Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

Previously I would have had no cause for cursing the driving habits of my fellow denizens of the North Shore, as I'd have taken the commuter rail into town (though I may have gotten a little soggy today in the process of walking the mile from my house to the train station!). But since the wife is starting a new job and trying to get to work with time to spare, I've tried to assist with getting everyone up and out of the house at a reasonable enough hour for everyone to get where they need to go.

With the exception of this morning, it's been a success thus far. But rainy days are always problematic. The only downside is that I've lost my morning writing time, something I'll have to learn how to make up in the evenings or during the other myriad cracks in my day. But on the plus side, I do get more time with my wife and my daughter, even if some of that additional family time is spent stuck in a car.

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