Monday, March 12, 2007

It's hacktastic!

It was a difficult weekend at the Exile household, owing to the fact that the little one had been sick since Wednesday night. Although by yesterday evening Baby Exile was showing signs of clear improvement (fever down, appetite returning, etc.), bathtime was something of a struggle. Our daughter is never pleased with the hair-washing portion of the bath, but last night she was in no mood whatsoever to cooperate, and no sooner had my wife begun to rinse her hair than she started screaming in as uncooperative a fashion as possible as the sudsy water inadvertently ran down her face.

That's when it hit me: hadn't I just read about this situation on Parents Hacks?

Todd's secret for "no more tears" in the bath:

My daughter used to really hate getting her long hair washed and now she thinks it's somewhat fun. We used to use "tearless" shampoo but even that would sting her eyes if even a little bit of suds water got near them. What my wife and I came up with: we put a dry towel over our daughter's face and then dump a large plastic bowl full of shampoo and water on her head. We then rinse with fresh water in the same bowl until all of the suds are gone. No more fighting and it only takes a couple of minutes. Our daughter just turned 4 and for her it's fun feel a surprise of warm water hitting her head and body but not her face.

We do something similar (thanks to my mother in-law) -- my daughter holds a dry washcloth over her own eyes while we rinse her hair. Having a hand shower helps, too.

Without a moment to spare I ran to the linen closet while telling my wife to stop the rinse cycle. One dry hand towel over the eyes later and presto! No more tears. My wife and I almost couldn't believe how well it worked.

Parent Hacks - this stuff is gold, folks!

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laguz said...

Our young'un (five & a quarter, he'll tell you) will let the hairdresser wash his hair, and chat away, but when we do it, quick, someone call DSS from the screaming. We keep his hair pretty short, and, sometimes, he'll play "hair dresser" and let us use the hand shower to wash & rinse..and once, he did it HIMSELF. go figure.