Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mancation, all I ever wanted

Actually, that's not true at all. Given the fact that my wife and I haven't had a proper vacation since Baby Exile was born, the allure of that recent guy phenomenon called the "mancation" (whereby a bunch of adult males go off somewhere together on vacation sans their wives or significant others) has more or less eluded me. However this doesn't change the fact that by this time tomorrow I will in fact officially be on mancation, as my brother is getting married this June and in lieu of a proper bachelor party - i.e., an improper one - he's opted for a week down in Florida to catch MLB Spring Training with his old crew, an annual ritual for him and his friends until people started getting married and/or too responsible to take a week off every spring to drink heavily and heckle the scrubs out on the baseball field.

But I am looking forward to the trip nonetheless. Many moons ago on our first road trip my wife (then my fiancee) and I attempted to join this weeklong party, only to be thwarted from making the drive from Savannah to Florida by heavy rains and a tornado warning that had us looking for the nearest ditch to save our 1995 Ford Aspire from being whisked away into a neighboring state. Ever since then I've been meaning to tag along, but as the years went by the possibility of taking a Spring Break became ever more remote, and I'd all but given up on catching the Sox in training when my brother announced that they'd be getting the gang together for one last huzzah.

So I'm going, even though I'm still battling that damned sinus infection and a last-minute cold - courtesy of Baby Exile and her buddies at daycare, aka the Bioweapons Research Facility - that's piled on for good measure. We've scored tickets not only for the Red Sox-Dodgers game on Friday but also the Yankees versus the Phillies on Saturday, so even though I missed the big showdown between the Olde Towne Team and the Evil Empire (which was last night: Sox won, 7-5!), I'll get to see both franchises in preseason action nevertheless. I'll try to post some dispatches from our rental house, since it's supposed to have a computer with high-speed internet access. There's also a pool, a big-screen television with DVD and VHS, and a freaking Ms. Pac-Man machine as well!

It's a proper mancation, all right.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your Mancation was fun - they should be celebrated! I did a similar thing for my brother in law, and we even had some Mancation shirts made up. Could be a good Wedding gift that he'll never forget :)