Monday, April 02, 2007

Editing update

At long last, I'm within sight of the finish line with the first edit of Confessions - eighty pages or so to go! I've become quite merciless at this point with anything that I identify as extraneous, no matter how clever, interesting, or creative it may have seemed at the time. Editing my short story "Amber" down into its published form "Tomorrow is Another Day" has really helped hone my critical faculties in this regard, so much so that I wonder if I shouldn't make another pass at the first half of the novel (which I had been editing before I started to work on the short story) before considering this revision complete.

So it may have taken me a little longer than I had originally hoped, but it feels good to have come this far. I guess the key as always is to not allow yourself to become discouraged with what may seem at times to be infinitesimal progress. This can be difficult, especially when writing/editing time is so hard to come by as it has been for me these days, but I'm hoping that if I can finally get my ass out of bed in the mornings and write before heading to work with Exile family I'll be able to find that precious hour or so of creativity that's been eluding me of late.

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