Thursday, June 14, 2007

Epilogue Part 2

'Something in her blood,' they said. Irony of ironies, it seemed that the same metabolic condition which restricted her to a low protein diet kept the zombie plague from infecting her bloodstream. Maybe in time the doctors could synthesize a vaccine by studying her, or maybe even a cure. In the meantime we took shelter on the islands. Gloucester had become a teeming metropolis of over half a million souls overnight - the Cape and the Islands had sheltered about the same until a boat of infected fishermen showed up in Chatham and started a fresh outbreak. Now only a handful of souls remained on Nantucket and the Vinyard. As for the rest of the country and the world beyond, the reports were sobering - estimates were that more than ninety percent of humanity had succumbed in the space of twenty-four hours. The world as we once knew it was gone forever in the blink of an eye. And
yet we are determined to go on...

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