Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes things get better

Because the thought of cramming myself like a sardine onto the subway at North Station on such a muggy morning quite frankly filled me with dread, I opted to walk up to my Red Line connection instead and was richly rewarded fory labors with my first up-close peek at the newly-renovated Charles/MGH Station. Many moons ago I used to live on Beacon Hill, and oh what I wouldn't have given to have this marvelous glass and steel structure for my daily commute and not the rickety rusting monstrocity that the station was for years before the MBTA finally got around to upgrading it.

Oh, and apparently until yesterday morning I wasn't "allowed" to take a picture like this, as the MBTA has been severely (and of course illegally) restricting photography on all subways, buses, and trains for quite some time now. Fortunately however the MBTA reversed its policy earlier this week, although it still maintains that any would-be photographers need to produce a photo ID on demand if stopped by the Transit Police. Filming is still prohibited, except by permit, but what's to stop me from switching my camera phone to video other than my own inability to break the law without breaking into a rolling sweat? I can't even make illegal left-hand turns during rush hour with a clear conscience!

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