Thursday, August 16, 2007

Okay, maybe just this one

I promised myself I wouldn't compulsively photoblog on the commute in this morning, but I couldn't help myself from snapping this one shot of the sun behind the clouds at the Lynn train station. I know this may sound odd to anyone who actually hasn't spent any time there and only knows the former mill town from lurid television newscasts or the old 'Lynn, Lynn, city of sin...' rhyme but it's actually quite a picturesque place. I've always loved how the early morning or late afternoon light catches the brick of Lynn's downtown edifices and how the gulls wheel around above the elevated commuter rail platform. The city may seem a little empty and ominous from that height, but also vaguely exciting as well - full of hidden promise and mystery.

My wife and I lived in Lynn for three years after skyrocketing rents forced us out of our Somerville digs and despite its mean reputation it was very good to us, and when we eventually moved to a deleaded apartment in Peabody when our daughter was born we did so with heavy (albeit lead-free) hearts. For some reason the view outside my window on the train looked quintessentially Lynn this morning and I thought I'd share it with you.

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