Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something nice about Gloucester

While the national news focuses on Fishtown U.S.A. over reports about an alarming spike in teen pregnancy I thought it might be nice to point out that Gloucester will be celebrating its 81st annual Saint Peter's Fiesta next week - a long weekend of religious ceremony and secular entertainment culminating in the blessing of the fishing fleet by the Catholic Archbishop.


Anonymous said...

Libs have a hard pill to swallow on this one.

Don't you get it??? These girls REFUSED birth control. They had access to it. Hell, they were in the high school health clinic all the time getting pregnancy tests to find out if Billy Bob hit their timing just right. NOTHING could have stopped their quest to get pregnant. These were not accidental pregnancies by naive kids. They are not retarded or braindead!! They knew what they were trying to do!!

These are not young newly weds. These tramps screwed over and over with any boy till they got pregnant. Even the news media said the pregnancy test requests at the school had skyrocketed!! Okay, then what is your definition of a slut. This is what the Webster online dictionary says: SLUT - 1 chiefly British : a slovenly woman 2 a: a promiscuous woman. Now, I am not judging these kids, but they fit the definition of SLUTS!!!!

Kathleen Valentine said...

Ah, Fiesta! It's something to look forward to all year round. I'm a Gloucester blogger and some of my fellow bloggers and I will be covering it. Stop by and visit!