Friday, September 12, 2008

The day after

I didn't post anything yesterday to commemorate 9/11, mostly because there's been another more immediate tragedy going on in our extended family that's consumed my attention this week. That being said, I had been meaning to share a story I'd written about 9/11 that I wrote a few years ago. Originally titled "Amber," after showing it to a good friend of mine who also happened to be editor of a literary zine called InkCollective he encouraged me to submit it and helped me craft it (bearing in mind of course that craft is the enemy) into something publishable.

"Tomorrow is Another Day" appeared in InkCollective's fourth and final issue, which is still available in print via, and it is my love letter to the Manhattan I spent a summer in during 1995, when I lived half a block from Times Square in a glorified coat closet trying to learn Ancient Greek of all things at the City University of New York's Latin/Greek Institute. The heart of New York City was already in the midst of its great transformation into a giant theme park version of its former self, and I remember vividly wandering around the weird juxtaposition of the boarded-up theaters and sex shops on 42nd Street against the half-constructed Disneyfied entertainment venues that would take their place.

So here comes the story, which I'm republishing here at The Jersey Exile. Hope you enjoy it!

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