Thursday, June 11, 2009

So much fail in 17 syllables

For some reason it had never occurred to me to express my frustration with the MBTA in haiku form, but Universal Hub's link to a haiku Tweet about the Green Line unleashed the poetic muse:

B-Line is wretched
there is no disputation
but the E is worst

Next stop Wonderland
but I can't understand you
get off your cell phone

How is there "traffic"
it's a train, not a highway
Red Line, I hate you

Oh, poor Silver Line
neither silver nor a line
just another bus

Ride the Orange Line
and you'll see the real Beantown
hope I don't get shot!

B, C, D, and E
why isn't there an A Line?
or F Line for "Fail"

Fares keep on rising
my T-pass a king's ransom
for a pauper's ride

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