Monday, January 03, 2011

This just happened

A conversation with my coworker here at The Big Library:

"Happy New Year!"

"Same to you.  How was your holiday?"

"Nice.  I very much enjoyed doing nothing this year."

"You didn't travel?"

"Nope, first time in years.  You?"

"Yes.  I went home to New Jersey."

"I didn't know you were from Jersey!  What part are you from?"

"South Jersey."

"Me, too.  Where in South Jersey?"

"Oh, right across the river from Philadelphia."

(Pause)  "Me, too."

(Additional pause)  "Really!.  What town?"

I say my hometown.  She laughs.

"I'm from X," she says, naming the town just down the road from mine.  "Did you go to Y high school?"

(Astonished)  "Yes!  You did too?"


"Did you have Mrs. Z for Latin?"

"Yes!  You too?"


"Okay, this is just bizarre."

"It sure is.  How did we never figure this out until right now?"

"No idea."

"Well, at least now we can gossip!"



Counterpunch said...

It wasn't Cherry Hill, was it?

Tom said...

Close! I'm from Woodbury Heights. Cherry Hill East or West?

Counterpunch said...

Cherry Hill West (though I live down the street from East). I always get excited when people mention South Jersey. North J' gets all the attention!

Sorry for the random solicitation, hope it isn't too odd. I found your blog via Library Ass, I'm interested in the field and am getting my research on. Belated thanks for being verbose!

Tom said...

No need to apologize at all- I'm always pleased to meet a fellow Jersey exile! If you have any additional questions about librarianship, please don't hesitate to drop my a line and ask. :)

Counterpunch said...

I'd love to pick your brain! Is there an email address I could contact you further with? I'm at
Thanks so much already!

Tom said...

Sure, I'm!