Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Leave it to me to forget to mention that I finally finished Varonian Nights, the 11-part anthology which I've been pecking away at over the past three years.  This means I have completed my third fantasy novel set in the same world as Confessions of a Gourmand (with a fourth, representing my 2009 NaNoWriMo, sort of kind of finished).  However you slice it, we're looking at about half a million words written not only the same genre, but the same fictional universe.  

I think I've earned a vacation.  

While there's much editing to be done with the above items, followed by the release of some new Kindle editions, I am going to try returning to the "real" world and pick up where I had left off several years ago with my sordid semiautobiographical tale of sex, drugs, and collegiate acapella that I started after finishing Confessions and subsequently abandoned in order to do NaNo '06.  It'll be interesting to see how five years of extra perspective will change the story, which is loosely based on my undergraduate years at MIT.  

What does one pack on a writing holiday, I wonder?  

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