Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make It Happen 2012: Day 11

Thoughts on losing weight:

1. I seem to lose weight in my feet first- who knew I had so much foot fat?

2. 10 days on my diet and I haven't had so much as a spark of heartburn.

3. Losing even a token amount of weight (at this point 10+ pounds) means my sleep apnea problems go away as well.

4. Shit, I'm going to need smaller pants... ASAP!

5. I know that the point of a successful diet is not to feel hungry all the time, but whenever I do manage to feel sated on my daily allotment of points bestowed unto me by the Weight Watchers Gods, I immediately become worried that I'm doing it wrong and I won't have lost any weight by the next weekly weigh-in. Does anyone else experience this when dieting as well?

6. The Cabot Creamery seems to have entered into some kind of pact with the Devil to make their 75% Reduced Fat Cheddar taste like real cheese. You guys are a lifesaver!

7. If I can get my weight under 250 pounds, I'm so doing this.


Jenica said...

1. as noted, upper arms.
2,3,4. Rock on!
5. I've found it totally remarkable that when I'm paleo-ing, I'm NEVER HUNGRY. Apparently the caloric suck that is cheese and crackers and bread and milk and pasta and OMG ALL THE THINGS I LOVE is quite large, and when I cut them out, I can easily fill up on small calorie piles of veggies. Huh. Who knew. It sort of makes me paranoid about overeating when I go back to not-paleo, though. And I really don't want to have Food Issues. So I'm sympathetic.
6. ORLY?
7. oooooo. that looks awesome.

Tom said...

Yes, I have to learn to trust my gut (literally) when I fill up on vegetables instead of hitting the salty snacks at night. The only good thing about the points diet is that I can occasionally indulge in a big hunk of fresh baked bread, which is all the more relevant now that my town just opened up a swanky new fancy olive oil store. And cheese! Oh, boy. Again, thank goodness for Cabot- their 75% lowfat cheddar has a chewy texture, but the taste is miraculously spot on. So I'll take it.

When I saw a Groupon for this paragliding company, I knew what I was going to give myself for my 40th birthday...

Regan @ Cabot Creamery said...

1) Feet fat is a perplexing issue. I experienced it when pregnant... who knew?

2) I don't recall any devil pact memos in recent months, so I'm thinking it's just the farmer's good work at play ;-)

Thanks for the shout out and glad you're enjoying the cheese!

Regan Jones, RD
for Cabot Creamery

Tom said...

Thanks Regan! Whatever magic is at work with your cheese, I'll take it. :)