Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Make It Happen: Day 3

Not only have I allowed my diet to get the best of me, but I've also let regular exercise take a backseat to other priorities. While I'm still walking from my house to the train station 2-3 times a week, I know I should be doing it daily, and as much as the family enjoys getting out on the weekends for a nice long walk or a hike in the woods, we seem to find an excuse not to do it more often than not. Therefore, I'm resolving to do the following this year:

1. Walk every day- on the days that I drive to work, I will be joining my colleagues for Harvard on the Move and getting my daily walking fix in during my lunch hour.

2. Do one outdoorsy activity every weekend. I'm literally a block and a half away from Ravenswood Park, so there's no good reason not to go for a quick hike.

3. Take the family camping this summer. I used to love hiking and backcountry camping, and always assumed that I'd drag my family along for the adventure as well. Maria and I went camping twice one summer before Andriana was born, but we've yet to give it a try as an extended family unit. Well, this year I'm going to Make It Happen!

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