Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Man (and other tales)

Though my Make It Happen 2012 blog posts have been a little fewer and further between, rest assured that I am holding the course:

1. As of this morning I have lost 28.8 pounds since starting with Weight Watchers Online at the beginning of January, which means I've officially reached my 10% milestone! At this point I only have 46 pounds to go in order to reach my goal of 199 pounds- I'm more than 1/3 of the way there now...

2. I've gotten serious about the business end of my writing, with the result that every weekend I have either posted a new story online for sale or offered a promotion for an existing work.

Right now I have my novel Confessions of a Gourmand, or How to Cook Dragon, my Red Sox horror novella Bambino, and my sci-fi librarian short story Bibliophile all available for sale, with a couple of new offerings waiting in the wings.

3. Speaking of promotions, Bibliophile is a free download on Smashwords from now until February 21st- just use coupon code WC33L during checkout!

4. Also, I've decided to relaunch the Confessions of a Gourmand blog and post new updates as Van d'Allamitri travels the world and tries to sell his novel (and I attempt to do the same in the real world). I'm hoping to include not just additional fantasy food dispatches but also have Van solicit and answer reader questions about his own life as well as life in the Three Continents.

5. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest announces its Round Two authors this Thursday (February 23rd). I'm eager to see if my fantasy novel The Librarian's Tale made it to the second round!

So that's it for now- more random bullet points of awesomeness soon, I promise.

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