Friday, January 28, 2005

But before I go

Check out Jeff Jarvis versus Eric Alterman on the phenomenon of pro-occupation Iraqi bloggers. True patriots or CIA plants? Who cares! We're just tuning in for the insults at this point.


"I could speculate that you kill baby kittens, Eric. I could send PETA to your door to drum you out of the liberal corps. I could do that. But I deal in facts, not imagination and speculation and tin-hat conspiracies."


"But I’m getting a little tired of Jarvis, I must say, who seems to combine an intense TV Guide/Entertainment Weekly-style commitment to anti-intellectualism (he attacked me once for the crime of seeking to understand the motivations for Arab attacks on Jews in Europe), with an equally religious attachment to the liberating power of blogs as a piece of God’s Kingdom here on earth."

Like two rabid cats in a gunny sack...

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