Saturday, January 22, 2005

"(Protest) Warriors come out and play!"

Stop me if you've heard this one before:

1. Anarchists protest Presidential inauguration.

2. Conservative gadfly group "Protest Warrior" deliberately provoke anarchists, thinking they're pacifists and won't fight back.

3. Anarchists kick conservatives' asses.

Predictably, the Protest Warriors are now crying foul, claiming that their First Amendment rights were infringed upon while conveniently forgetting that they were accosted during an attempt to disrupt another group's right to free speech. And more to the point, someone in their party should have realized that they weren't harassing a bunch of granola-crunchy hippies. Mess with anarchists and guess what? You're going to get your teeth kicked in - that's why they call them anarchists, folks!

Protest Warrior does however win the prize for the most sexually ambiguous attempt at a manly logo:

Bonus points to anyone who gets the movie reference in the title!


sleaze said...

Movie reference is from the movie of the same name. The Warriors. For full effect hold three glass bottles on your fingertips and gently bounce them together for a grating and slightly disturbing noise.

For my money the best 70's gang culture action movie out there.

Tom said...

Well done! Now the follow-up question: what Ancient Greek author is the original inspiration for the book (which became the movie) "The Warriors"?