Monday, January 24, 2005

The wonders of Google

When I did a Google Image Search for "number five is alive", I happened upon this web page in Italian, which I right-click translated into English. I think the original Italian made more sense:

piovono wombati, alleluja
nearly seven months after, and of blow, the spiraloide distance s' arrests. the point to the center of the spiral have not been caught up neither v' are more half than to catch up it, neither the intention will not touch the point and ce of it we will not remove incredible dictu no door determine the proportions them to scassinare bar to pull down to spallate s' is introduced on the distance towards the point, simply a trap door me has been opened under the feet like is motivatings force and inconsistent and little attractive mine to write, you are all in order to only understand here of who never is speaking these written are a merda, my thought in date odierna is introduced like not never qualunquista and discarso interest, and you are of the finocchi, and the circle quadrant also stavolta, olè. I said under the feet, and I placid slide outside from the spiral. and the distance is still a spiral in which lead, but stavolta angled and formed from lines broken, martial and efficientiste like six you and it will be noialtri, martially you I swear ice-skate along the marble pavements, if the female did not have the legs, to its incedere lascerebbe the dribble like the snails. the figa it is not the figa, it is, rather, a howitzer I swear that I will not be a female, than with you ve n' is not need, neither convenience. me meeting to scansionare the point that invano I have tried to catch up in the slid months. it is a dot, one cacata of Moscow, one rubber chewed stuck to the wall.
that with sage use of social artifices and skills digievolve in the ologramma of the monument to the disinvoltura. you can makes me cleaved once, at all life natural during, you memory that the figa is not the figa, and the point is in truth rospo a enfiato bruise of null does not mean lordarmi the hands experimenting the perforation of the batrachian with spillone. sketches of rospo burst blots me the dressed one, than siam all it agrees, is not candid. but I admit it and of fo vessillo. orsù we learn the art of cagare outside from the vase without sporcarci. then very comes a $R-he who ago of the shyness and the insecurity arm and one skill. I admire although the succita one to you skills they will come implacably used against my person. but support, poichè is to defensive scope. us some way from my person must also be defended in one who ago to leave mortar blows on your conscience and oadsteads to the ground the lukewarm caselline in which you shelter to you, nevvero. aaaaaaahhhh! watching from the outside then I understand to me why z it meets k and under my eyes impuniti they connubiano impuniti.! why v' it is not null to punish punibile is my head of I haul and my blindness and credulity. and in sunto. v' it is not piu nothing to say null to share never null has been condivisibile if in preparation of one eventual sheet preparation and not to federe on which printing sacred sindoni of liquid seminale. that gentility. the bed that it knows of bucato hardly made, and the below sand bank mattress that crocca sborra. the figa it is not the figa, a toaster is rather, or cosi would have to be try disheartenment, not indignation. for the rest I try to avoid contacts with the rospo. I do not know what to answer to several the callbacks groak grooooooak groooooak. are, simply, different languages from mine, and I am bored to tradurli. ergo I annotate and I hold to memory imperitura that all is sintetizzabile in: beside you it is necessary a splendid and luminous smile, but not too much overhanging troubles to make shadow to the batrachian troubles to make shadow to the batrachian troubles to make shadow the batrachian.

Cool picture in the sidebar, though:

Funny - I don't remember seeing that LEGO set in the Toys R Us...

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