Monday, February 14, 2005

80k - Take Two

I'm pleased to report that I've broken the 80,000-word mark in Confessions for a second time, which means I have officially replaced all the data I lost when I stupidly allowed my Ipaq ran out of juice last Fall. Chapter Thirteen is finished (again), and I'm looking forward to enjoying some actual forward momentum for the rest of February, now I'm caught up. I think I'll refrain from the short story writing until I've broken the 100k mark, as it's been way too long since I've been able to get a good head of creative steam going on the novel.

Fantastic news about my Historical Methods paper from last year - not only did my professor have high praise for it, but she thinks that I could actually get it published in a scholarly journal with a few stylistic tweaks here and there! How cool is that? And what's more, I ran the idea of writing my Master's Thesis about Harvard's own Professor Sophocles and his impact on 19th Century American intellectual history and she was very enthusiastic, and suggested that I use the paper I'll be delivering this August in Greece as a dry run to see if such a topic would offer enough material to yield a dissertation.

Everything's coming up Milhouse!


Anonymous said...

i'm a clevelander in exile in jersey,
and a librarian.
seems we have something in common!

Tom said...

Hey Howdy! Thanks for stopping by. Nice websites, too, btw...