Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thai food good

Some people are of the opinion that Pad Thai is the apotheosis of Thai cuisine. I, however, pledge my allegiance to Larb Gai--a spicy salad made of minced chicken, fresh herbs, shallots, lime juice, and fish sauce, topped off with ground toasted rice and enough chile powder to make your nose run. This is an example of Thai comfort food par excellence, and whenever I spot it on a menu in a Thai restaurant I have no choice but to order it. Today I decided to keep with my newfound habit of not eating lunch at my customary haunts and ducked into Spice, a Thai restaurant on one of Harvard Square's many side streets, and lo and behold not only did they have Larb Gai but two other variants of Larb including Beef and Pork (although I think the ground chicken would make for the best lunch fare). Delicious!

And here's an online recipe for Larb Gai, if you can't find yourself a Thai restaurant that serves it.

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