Thursday, June 23, 2005


Now that I've reached my penultimate semester as a library science student, I find myself vacillating on the question of whether I should continue on and complete my MA in History after the MLS is awarded or not. Perhaps it is the nearness of the finish line that is prompting me to think like this, although to be fair it will only take two additional semesters to finish the History portion of the dual degree program, during which time moreover I am free to look for work as a professional librarian. Scuttling the History degree is a silly idea for myriad reasons: one--at six courses, it's a bargain; two--I actually like the department, the instructors, and my fellow graduate students; and three--I already have a thesis topic! But perhaps most compelling of the reasons to stick it out is the fact that settling for less than what I had originally set my sights on will feel more like failure than victory.

So onward it is! A year ago all of this seemed so far away. Now I almost have one degree in hand, with another soon to be within reach. I just...have there...

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