Saturday, July 02, 2005


Give or take about twenty-eight words, that is. I fully expect my output to go through the roof this week, as I will be all by my little old lonesome from tomorrow until next Saturday or Sunday (Mrs. Exile will be attending a professional convention in NYC and taking Baby Exile, a.k.a. my fellow beach bum, to visit the in-laws in the Hudson Valley while she commutes back and forth during the week), sans automobile. That means a lot more time on the commuter rail than normal--a good thing from a writing perspective, I suppose, but it's hard to imagine going a week without the two most important people in my life.

Before I go and get all weepy on you guys, here's a story about zombie dogs! Bonus points to anyone who doesn't have to look up the word "boffin"...

"A person engaged in ‘back-room’ scientific or technical research. Hence boffin(e)ry, boffins collectively; also, the activity of a boffin."

(Definition via the OED Online)

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