Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Comic Reviews

The Winter Men (#4 of 8)

If you haven't had the good fortune yet of stumbling across The Winter Men, by DC/Wildstorm, then you're missing out on the best damned comic out there right now. Chronicling the exploits of an ex-Soviet superhero trying to make his way through modern day Russia while his past inevitably returns to haunt him, The Winter Men is equal parts mystery and dark humor, with top-notch writing (Brett Lewis' characters speak a Slavonized English that is alternately broken and erudite, worthy of a play by Chekhov) and artwork by John Paul Leon that is worth the 2-3 month wait in between issues. After carefully unrolling a densely-woven plot that reaches from Moscow to New York to the war in Chechnya over the first three issues, the miniseries takes a breather of sorts and follows a day in the life of its protagonist Kris as he makes his police rounds and attempts to sort out the larger forces at work. I won't spoil the best part of the book, except to say that it involves a dining table at a Moscow McDonald's...

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