Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Break out the big guns

So my long-awaited meeting with the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor went as well as one could hope, I suppose: he took one look at my nostrils and declared that mine was one of the worst cases of sinusitis that he'd seen! So now I'm on a 21-day course of Avelox (a powerful antibiotic that is a relative of Cipro, that drug everyone was stocking up on shortly after 9/11 when the anthrax scare was going on), after which I'm doing to have a CT scan done in order to make sure there's no long-term blockage problems. The cool thing is that when they do that they use a special mask that allows them to create a 3-D digital map of my sinuses, which the ENT would then use to navigate via GPS if he had to go in and do anything surgically.

The crappy thing is that the Avelox is totally kicking my ass. Twenty more days of feeling like something the cat dragged in doesn't sound like my idea of fun, but if it can exorcise the demonic slime eels which have taken up residence in my sinuses I'm all for it. I'm slightly annoyed with my primary care physician, however, as it seems that if he had prescribed either of the two courses of antibiotics I had taken before for longer than 10 days I wouldn't be in this mess right now. I suppose this should be a lesson for me to be a less passive patient when it comes to advocating for my own health - I probably should have pushed to see a specialist months ago instead of coming back for successive levels of treatment that didn't do a bit of good.

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