Thursday, May 03, 2007

Watch out for the puma

Or panther. Or whatever it is. From

Some Vineland residents were keeping a close eye on their small children and pets yesterday, fearful that a panther might be roaming in the woods behind a small cul de sac.

A large black feline with a very long tail was spotted by several residents over the weekend in the rural Cumberland County town.

"It does sound farfetched," said resident Zoe Paraskevas, "but I know what I saw."

Maybe it's the Jersey Devil's pet cat?

(Check out the thread on where the online cryptozoological community analyzes Ms. Paraskevas' photographic evidence. The verdict? Not a panther, but likely a very large domestic cat gone feral, although there is a small contingent of dissenters who think it might be something more interesting.)

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