Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shopping list

Okay, I know this is the Worst Lunch in the World™, but it's hard not to eat the wrong things when you're working on a Saturday in Harvard Square:

1. A Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish chocolate bar, imported from the UK and sold here in Cambridge by Cardullo's. I guess it's supposed to be Turkish delight inside the chocolate, but in truth it's a little more gooey than the real thing, which actually works quite well with Cadbury's relatively soft chocolate. I haven't had one of these in a long time, but for a while I was quite hooked on them...

2. Margaret's Cracked Peppercorn and Spice Artisan Flatbread, also from Cardullo's. Basically these are giant thin crackers studded with chile pepper and other spices and sprinkled with sea salt. Delicious, but they make me wish I'd bought some cheese to go with it!

3. An iced Tiger Hill Nilgiri black tea, from Tealuxe (where else?). Okay, so this wasn't too bad for me at all, except perhaps in the wallet! While I love Tealuxe to death, quality tea doesn't come cheap, so I always think of my trips to their Harvard Square shop as a post-payday indulgence.

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