Monday, January 02, 2012

Make It Happen 2012: Day 2

Long-time readers of this blog may recall that I've struggled with maintaining a healthy weight since childhood. I was a chunky kid, and although I managed to shed my baby fat at some point I found myself gaining weight at an alarming rate after graduating college and getting my first sedentary job as a library assistant- wooing my then-girlfriend (now my wife) with my cooking prowess probably didn't help things much, either! As an adult I've successfully lost weight on two separate occasions: one was with Weight Watchers back around 2000, and another following the South Beach Diet in 2004. Both times I dropped more than fifty pounds, but for one reason or another I ended up putting the weight back on and then some.

Keeping with my New Year's Resolution to Make It Happen in 2012, I've decided to give Weight Watchers another go. I really responded well to tracking my food and activities the last time I tried it, and that was with a hand-rigged spreadsheet on my ancient Ipaq PDA- this time around not only will I have the online resources available to me via my web browser, but Weight Watchers have tracker apps for both iOS and Android devices, so I'll have no excuse not to document every last calorie wherever I go. It also looks like there are ways to incorporate game-like elements like challenges into the online program as well, which would help keep things interesting as I progressed.

My current weight as of this evening is 274 pounds (thanks, Five Guys!). The goal is for me to lose 75 pounds, so that I weigh in just shy of the two hundred mark. I know from past experience that this is by no means an unreasonable goal, so at least I have that going for me at the outset. I just have to make it happen...

Every Sunday I will keep you apprised of my progress. Wish me luck!


Jessamyn said...

Good luck! I am just aiming for ten pounds down but I totally feel your "oof, sisyphus!" feeling about it. Rah rah!

JM3 said...

Good luck Tom! I lost 70 from Jan 13th of last year and have kept it off now for about 6 months. That with the 30 lbs I had lost before puts me down to even lower than when I graduated college. You can do it!

Jenica said...

I lost 20 this year with WW... then travel and health problems and being me all conspired to put most of it back on. My 2012 Make It Happen is to lose 30 pounds, successfully do the Couch to 5K program, and get back on the climbing wall.

So very do-able. So much fighting our own selves. :)

Luck and perseverance to you!

Tom said...

Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging words! One of the best things about living out loud via blogging is that the world becomes your support group. :)

Good luck to all of you in reaching your own goals as well!