Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jarvis falls into own navel

Speaking of Jeff, an analysis of how his kvetching about a recent bad experience with Dell may or may not have contributed to the overall bad press surrounding the company of late crosses the line from Jarvis to meta-Jarvis. I'm surprised Technorati isn't tracking a tag for it...


Mr. Snitch said...

Jeff Jarvis' ego notwithstanding, that post concerned someone else's post and consideration of Jarvis' impact on 'the blogosphere'. The chart shown is an interesting new feature of BlogPulse that The Basement's author was experimenting with. And the fact is, there are uberbloggers who do indeed have an influence on less-trafficked bloggers. Jarvis happens to be one of those, for better or worse. (He has an impact on you, too - of all the things in the world to post about, you keep posting about him.)

Certainly there are bloggers out there who get more attention than makes any sense, and others who don't get their due. In time, some of these inequities will adjust themselves, some will not.

On your front page, I note this post re the number of words you wrote, this post on your new car, this post on your blog's RSS feed getting picked up by NJ Weblogs, these three posts on changes you made to your site, and two more posts on your wordcount.

So let me get this straight - Jarvis is the navel-gazer?

Tom said...

I would hazard that all bloggers are navel-gazers more or less by default, but you're absolutely right -- my recent posts have been no less meta than Jarvis'. Touche.

Just for the record, I have yet to post any charts to that effect...

What I find humorous about Jeff's "meta" posts, however, is his never-ending quest for validation as a blogger, as if he's a newlywed desperately trying to prove to the wife and in-laws that he didn't make the biggest mistake of his life quitting that job at the law firm and starting his own mail-order macrame company.

Thanks for keeping my honest, though!