Tuesday, October 17, 2006

10,000 words

Chapter Two of the new novel is in the bag, and I've crossed the 10k plateau as well. Still not sure whether this means I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo next month or not, though I think I'm leaning towards "yes" at this point.

Hey, just for fun I went back through my old archives blog posts to see if I had written anything special to commemorate getting to the 10,000-word mark on Confessions. Here it is:

Friday, March 14, 2003

Ten thousand words now on the novel. I can't believe it! Since Chapter One was a prologue, this second chapter is more or less the first real chapter, and I think I'm starting to wrap my brain around how big this thing is going to be when it's finshed. I'm only just now getting to the meat of the narrative after a whole lot of set up, and there's a lot more to write about than I'd originally assumed. The temptation to linger in my main character's childhood is getting the best of me. Already I've opened up an avenue or two that hadn't been there when I first sketched out his story, and I'm eager to explore them and see how I can make it all fit. So to hell with the outline - they're only good for term papers, and I always hated writing those anyway. This book is first and foremost a journey, so why not take the long road?

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